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Quality book design and editorial services since 1998

What’s the secret to producing great-looking books that won’t break your budget?

Having a professional book designer on your team.

Book Cover Design

Eight seconds…
According to the Wall Street Journal, your book cover has eight seconds to capture browsers’ attention. If the front cover gets them to pick up your book, the back cover copy has another fifteen seconds to turn browsers into buyers.

That’s where Words Plus Design comes in.  Your book deserves to stand out in the crowd, and we’re here to make sure it does. Our clients consistently experience brisk sales for their books, and have even been featured guests on Oprah and The View.   Learn more 

Page Layout (Typesetting)

Dynamic interiors…
In addition to an attention-grabbing cover, your book also needs a dynamic interior. Our years of experience will help you avoid common design pitfalls that cost you extra at the printer.

We can design any type of book: fiction, nonfiction, self-help, memoir, poetry, reference, children’s picture books, cookbooks, coffee-table books, even math textbooks and music notation. (You name it, we’ve done it!)  Learn more

Editing & Proofreading

Second pair of eyes…
What can a professional editor do for you that your brother-in-law or best friend can’t? First of all, we can be objective. When you’re ready to present your writing to the world, it’s in your best interests to engage a truly neutral “second pair of eyes.”

Secondly, we’re trained to see the typos, transpositions, and omitted words that untrained readers skim right over. We catch common grammar and usage mistakes that others miss, such as dangling participles and modifiers, subject/pronoun disagreement, who versus that, farther versus further, and if versus whether.  Learn more

eBook Creation Services

Flawless eBook files…
Many people now prefer to read books on a mobile device rather than on paper. That means eBooks are an easy, cost-effective way to tell your story and share your work.

If you want to capture this segment of the market, we can create flawless eBook files in the format of your choice.  We will work with you to determine the format you need based on the devices your audience uses. From there we’ll create a layout that makes your eBook a pleasure to read. Learn more